Wednesday, May 30, 2018

This Is Future Vision 2030: Top Industry Designers Pen a Peek Into the Future

We recently asked nine of the world’s most respected automotive designers to sketch a vehicle for us and provide their thoughts about it. Our only rule was that they should create a future vision that’s a little more than a decade away. In other words, to simply draw whatever came to them. What they came up with was predominantly pragmatic in approach. Some drawings are closely related to actual future projects, but others are simply flights of fantasy. What shines through in all of them are each designer’s considerable skills, a keen sense of dedication to their profession, and a strong belief in the future of the motor car as the prevailing favorite means of personal transportation—irrespective of propulsion system and means of reaching its destinations.

Lamborghini has always been in the supercar business. In its own segment even the Urus is a supercar. Currently, the Aventador is our flagship supercar. Having said that, I strongly believe there is room for something a lot wilder—for a hypercar. To live up to this designation, rebodying an existing vehicle won’t do. Instead, this car would have to be hyper in every way. Its proportions must be out of this world, like nothing you have ever seen before. Of course, the design revolution would extend to the functionalities. Light weight is absolutely essential, and this means most likely a carbon-fiber fuselage. Super-efficient aerodynamics must be paired with extreme downforce. As far as the drivetrain is concerned, anything goes: hybrid, electric, you name it. All that really matters is that our hypercar provides the most amazing visual statement and the most memorable driving experience money can buy.

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