Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Royal News Links

Royal News Links
Prince Harry honours his fallen friend – Daily Mail
Head bowed, a solemn Prince Harry plants a wooden cross and poppy in memory of a friend killed in Afghanistan…
Video: Prince Harry Opens Field of Remembrance – Sky News / YouTube
Photos: Prince Harry Attends Opening Of Wootton Bassett Field Remembrance – Getty
Kate, If You Love William, Don’t Let Him Put a Ring on Your Finger! – Huffington Post
Royal lovers are all agog that a royal engagement will be announced after a proposal this Christmas. But marrying a British prince isn’t a dream — it’s a nightmare!…
Palace forced to remove abusive comments from Queen’s Facebook page – Telegraph
Buckingham Palace has been forced to remove dozens of anti-monarchist comments from the Queen’s Facebook page after its launch was met with a stream of republican abuse…

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