Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shortage of Prince William Lookalikes

Shortage of Prince William Lookalikes

Kate Middleton lookalikes will have to wait to find their Prince Charming as there is a shortage of Prince William lookalikes.
Lookalike agencies are appealing for more Prince William lookalikes to meet the ever growing demand.
Mr Walker, a Prince William lookalike, claims to be so rushed off his feet that he has left his former full time job to appear at events and engagements across the country.
Mr Walker only started to take jobs as a Prince William lookalike after his friend secretly sent a photo of him to an agency.  Eversince he has been making non-stop lookalike appearances!
Fees for Prince William lookalike appearances range from £300 a time, and are set to soar to £1,000 for dates closer to the Royal Wedding.
Mr Walker stated: “In the four months before the engagement I’d only had two bookings but now I’m working four days a week.”
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