Monday, November 1, 2010

Indian Hotel Charged For Noisy Katy Perry-Russell Brand Wedding

The luxury resort where Katy Perry  and Russell Brand got married last weekend is being charged with violating noise laws near an Indian tiger reserve.

Indian Hotel Charged For Noisy Katy Perry-Russell Brand Wedding

Officials say while pop star and comedian are likely in the clear, the hotel management for Aman-i-Khas should be held responsible for breaking rules near Ranthambhore National Park.
The park is home to a host of wildlife species including tigers, leopards, wild boars, hyenas and sloth bears.
They say late-night wedding party noise exceeded the 45-decibel limit after 10 PM.
Meanwhile, the London Evening Standard reports that they are also accused of disturbing wildlife in the park and violating environmental and wildlife laws by smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking weapons inside the park.
Perry and Brand flew out to the Maldives for their honeymoon following the ceremony.

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