Monday, November 8, 2010

Sexiest Girl Among Asia

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Confucius is one of the greatest men in the history of world. He was born more than two thousand five hundred years ago (551-479 B.C.) in the State of Lu (now the Province of Shan Dong). A descendent of a great nobleman of the State of Shang, he lost his father at the age of three and was reared by his mother in a state of impoverished simplicity. As he grew up, he was put in charge of the granary and the cattle and sheep of a certain Baron.
Never tired of learning and teaching throughout his life, Confucius has long been recognized in China as "the Greatest Sage and Foremost Teacher with outstanding Achievements." He believed in "education for all", meaning there should be no class distinctions or other discriminations. Hence, he had up to three thousand disciples. From the Analects, we can see that he tired to help his disciples solve problems concerning daily life and human relationships. Though commonplace and practical, easily to understand and carry out, his teachings contributed to the cultivation of the individual, the regulation of the family, the order of the state, and the peace of the world.
Confucius was born in a most critical period known as the "period of the spring and autumn annals", when the imperial dynasty of Zhou was in decline, the rituals and music began to degenerate, and the country was in a state of moral chaos from the feudal princes down to the people. He attempted to revive the culture of the Zhou House to its heyday. Once he was made the Chief Minister of his native State of Lu, in three months he was able to put the country in order, but unfortunately he was forced to quit. For fourteen years he wandered over various states to see whether his political ideas could be realized. After repeated failures he finally returned to his native state, having perused nearly all the official documents of ancient times, he took pains to compile, edit, or comment on the Book of History, the Book of Odes, the Book of Rites, the Book of Music, the Book of Changes, and the Spring and Autumn Annals. These are the Six Classics which were handed down to later generations. In addition, his philosophy is also optimized in the Analects, the Canon of Filial Piety, the Great Learning, and the Contral Harmony (or the Doctrine of the Mean).

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